Come, visit and run!

Let us... Guide you!

Whether you know or not Montreal and its neighbourhoods, we make you discover the city while running at your own pace. Here are some possibilities but contact us for more ;-)


Activities, team building and serial running tours – For companies, school and other organizations


Your customized running tour, on demand, your customized events – For all curious to discover Montreal while running!


Our Monthly and other punctual events – For locals, news entrants or any people who wants to join a group. Com’on! :-)


20$CAD /person. More than 2 people ? Contact us ;-)
Discover Montreal otherwise, running

We are

CoureursMontréal offre des visites-joggées de Montréal en toutes saisons ! Pour découvrir ou redécouvrir Montréal d'une façon originale et sportive, tout en courant, c'est par ici ; il y en a pour tous les goûts et tous les niveaux ! Les “sightseeing running tours” existent depuis 2005 et se sont répandus un peu partout dans le monde. Les voilà à Montréal !
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Fanny Lloret

Head runner guide
With a diploma in tourism, a running course and some races, a first-aid certification, and love for Montreal, Fanny also love to share this double passion with visitors!
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Sylvène Boimond

Associate runner guide
Graduated in development of tourism projects and attached to the city of Montreal, Sylvene has been very excited about the Fanny’s idea so she jumped on the occasion!



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