RUN AND… Complementary activities to running

In addition to the wellknown triathlon with cycling and swimming which are really good complementary activities to running, let’s speak about alternative activities to running during winter !   Run and skate In Montreal, everybody knows it, winter is freezing cold. Winter lasts long. Winter is white. But yes it still is a nice season[…]


Running healthy in 4 tips to avoid injuries

We share our 4 not well kept secrets – but to repeat – to avoid getting hurt and keep fit all year long! Because even in Montreal, running is possible all year round! 😉   1. Regularity There’s nothing better than getting your body used to the ground impact by running regularly. The bigger your goals[…]


Montreal’s museums Top 3

For the Montreal’s Museums day (end of May generally), too warm days in summer or too cold days in winter, it is always a good time to discover a city deeply, with its museums.  Here is our TOP 3 of the museums you want to visit!   While many museums are very rich and interesting,[…]


Run and visit: both in La Presse! (Only in French)

From Grand Rapids to Montréal, running has become an excellent way to visit, or visit has become another reason to run!  Marie Allard, journalist with La Presse tested the running tour experience, tells about it and refers us in her article published on November 23rd. Only in French, but, yes, you are able to understand, or you also can[…]