The Montréal “Plateau” life

Map-Zone-PlateauMont-Royal hill, the Montréal sweet garden !

What ? Did you really thought visiting Montreal without going to the Mont-Royal ? It is the huge Montreal park, the “Mountain” of Montrealers that is well worth a visit and a run. Go with the Montrealers enjoy their forest in the heart of the city !



Enjoy Montréal keeping fit and becoming a Montrealer 😉

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Map-Zone-Plateau2Lafontaine park, a small shops and gourmet neighborhood 😉

As important as the Mont-Royal mountain while is smaller, the Lafontaine park bring together a good number of Montrealers. All around it is the famous neighbourhood called “Plateau” and its many shops.



Book the heart of Montréal, the Plateau district is here!

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