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Montreal and around races

Runners, if you come to visit Québec province, be aware that there is plenty of activities to make your trip amazing and unforgettable! We help you and invite you to pass through this short list of races to run as well as your Montréal running tour with us 😉     Ready, set, go running Read more about Montreal and around races[…]

RUN AND… Complementary activities to running

In addition to the wellknown triathlon with cycling and swimming which are really good complementary activities to running, let’s speak about alternative activities to running during winter !   Run and skate In Montreal, everybody knows it, winter is freezing cold. Winter lasts long. Winter is white. But yes it still is a nice season Read more about RUN AND… Complementary activities to running[…]

Running healthy in 4 tips to avoid injuries

We share our 4 not well kept secrets – but to repeat – to avoid getting hurt and keep fit all year long! Because even in Montreal, running is possible all year round! 😉   1. Regularity There’s nothing better than getting your body used to the ground impact by running regularly. The bigger your goals Read more about Running healthy in 4 tips to avoid injuries[…]

In favour or against the clock?

So yes, even in a casual mode as part of a Montreal running tour, many visitors-runners wear and operate their watches.   The watch, a simple accessory … that tends to be our best coach. Towards performance! I write these words right in the intensive phase of a marathon preparation! So yes ! Definitely, my Read more about In favour or against the clock?[…]

42.2, marathon sightrunning

The first marathon – Often, it remind us we all start from scratch. It was not so long time ago. Not only we had to start from scratch, but to add to the pain, we thought we were unable to achieve such an objective one day: 42,2 km. It’s only once the finish line is crossed Read more about 42.2, marathon sightrunning[…]

Spring in Montreal… and runners.

Spring in Montreal is a concept. It can arrive fast (too fast in February) or at least makes its presence felt, as it may… Not happen at all. Next step : summer please without stop.   Without transition It may just be a feeling because of the extremes very marked of the weather in Montreal and Quebec Province, Read more about Spring in Montreal… and runners.[…]


Everybody is beginning the new year with faithful resolutions. So, are we. But we consider objectives instead of resolutions. Because resolutions are meant to solve an issue. We don’t really have issues… 🙂 What if we speak about objectives to achieve or trying to at least?   Have fun, have a run! Again this year, we will Read more about OBJECTIVE: RUN[…]

Running (tour) in winter, equipped from head to toe

Absolutely, definitely, it is possible ! We can’t spend as much time as in summer in front of the monuments, but it is definitely and possible and enjoyable! Small tour to prepare:   The 3 layers When we speak about those 3 layers, it is essentially for the torso because it is where there are Read more about Running (tour) in winter, equipped from head to toe[…]

Shows to see for a real Montrealer summer: TOP 3!

It is not deliberately, but we came with a “Top 3” of the shows to see this summer in Montreal! There are beautiful shows, which is a sure way to end your holiday falling in love with the city and knowing its history better… There are perfect to complete your knowledge from your running tour with Read more about Shows to see for a real Montrealer summer: TOP 3![…]

Montreal’s museums Top 3

For the Montreal’s Museums day (end of May generally), too warm days in summer or too cold days in winter, it is always a good time to discover a city deeply, with its museums.  Here is our TOP 3 of the museums you want to visit!   While many museums are very rich and interesting, Read more about Montreal’s museums Top 3[…]

View of downtown Montreal from Canal de Lachine, it’s here #3!

Oh le Canal de Lachine ! We love so much this course at Coureurs Montréal/Montreal Runners… Here are born our passion of running and the idea to make discover the beautiful Montreal thanks to our legs and at a good pace!  Le canal de Lachine is not the most important touristic site in Montreal but more one Read more about View of downtown Montreal from Canal de Lachine, it’s here #3![…]

La Maison Du Calvet, it’s here #2!

This is Maison Du Calvet’s facade, located in the Old-Montreal, one of the oldest buildings still existing and the most beautiful example of the urban architecture developed in New France with its massive crude rock walls, chimneys and steeply-sloped roof. On se prépare à une belle saison de visites joggées ! 🇨🇦 We get ready to welcome a Read more about La Maison Du Calvet, it’s here #2![…] mention CoureursMontréal (Only in French)

CoureursMontréal took the opportunity to give a running tour to special visitors: Thomas Didier, the French co-founder of, a community platform for runners. He came for the WAQ (Web à Québec) to launch his platform on the Canadian market. Nicolas Fréret, journalist, didn’t miss the occasion to run with us nor mentionned us. Read more about mention CoureursMontréal (Only in French)[…]

Le Complexe Bourbon, it’s here #1!

Le Complexe Bourbon is located right in the heart of the Gay Village, close downtown. More precisely, it’s on Ste-Catherine Street between Alexandre De Sève Street et De Champlain Street, just there!   The signature building of the Village was created by Normand Chamberland who already possessed a few shops around: la Taverne du Village, le Drugstore, La Track… He Read more about Le Complexe Bourbon, it’s here #1![…]

My addiction, Casey Neistat

The famous vlogger Casey Neistat commended running. “Don’t run because you have to, run because you can.” Casey Neistat don’t speak this time. He only edited a video with pieces of texts, sentences and quotes. He refers about main reasons we have to run: “for happiness, focus, fitness, fun,… We just add “for DISCOVERING” obviously! 🙂 Among all Read more about My addiction, Casey Neistat[…]

My favorite video about running

What a pace! And is there a more beautiful reason to run? Ronnie Goodman has run the second half-marathon of San Francisco in 2014 to raise money and awareness for the Hospitality House, a charity whose mission is to strenghen community bounds in San Francisco. More to read at

Run and visit: both in La Presse! (Only in French)

From Grand Rapids to Montréal, running has become an excellent way to visit, or visit has become another reason to run!  Marie Allard, journalist with La Presse tested the running tour experience, tells about it and refers us in her article published on November 23rd. Only in French, but, yes, you are able to understand, or you also can Read more about Run and visit: both in La Presse! (Only in French)[…]

Running in winter, it is possible and funny!

Health care professionals are the best to advise how to run better during winter.  L’Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec (physiotherapists) wrote a serie of 3 interesting articles about the good practices to adopt to run in winter (only in French, sorry!) : Courir l’hiver : ce qu’il faut savoir (running in winter: what you Read more about Running in winter, it is possible and funny![…]