In favour or against the clock?

So yes, even in a casual mode as part of a Montreal running tour, many visitors-runners wear and operate their watches.


The watch, a simple accessory … that tends to be our best coach. Towards performance!

I write these words right in the intensive phase of a marathon preparation! So yes ! Definitely, my watch is my favorite “crime partner”. The watch seems to be the best partner for so many runners.


Running is mathematics. I don’t know for you, but I am really bad at mathematics, so if the watch is in to do my homework, I tell it “OKAY, GO!” ! Because we all know that a sports watch, beyond the time, gives us many other indications, especially for our intervals! “Beep, beep, beep” to say “attention, you’re going to die, it is not what you asked for!” Or on the contrary, nothing. Because we respect the plan. We can set a lot of different settings on these things. We even can feel lost without it. However…


And if learning to use it could help… forget it!

Yes, performances, even personal, provide pleasure: “I can!” The watch is for that, much more than a mere accessory, a motivator, a coach. It can help a lot to listen to herself and understand the mechanisms of our body for those times when we will not take it on our adventures.

Running without a watch, regularly, is important, and nice. Run for feelings, run listening to these so beautiful feelings, these sensations. Learning to listen to yourself before listening your body through this machine that captures everything is the basis to really have fun running. Come back to our real senses, freedom and well-being that running give us. Just run, just admire the view from the Westmont Lookout because I go there too rarely. Just run and enjoy it. Enjoy not counting, not knowing, disconnect for real. About disconnection, we will soon write about running in full awareness! 😉


Without the watch means “no trace”.

When you acquire the taste, you have to admit it, it’s hard to be without it. We quickly get caught up in wanting to know how much time, how many kilometers we ran, sharing it on our social networks, … A kind of comfort. A huge encouragement  to keep training. A proof, a measure of our progress.

But remember that in the end, no matter how much time passed, run and enjoy is the real achievement, isn’t it? Moreover, the first to be marked and informed of its performance, it is our body. Our brain too. And that’s the only thing … that counts – in a way.


The watch is also a great way to keep track of and remember a running tour we have through a new city we visit. And there is plenty of city to sightrun: !


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