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Runners, if you come to visit Québec province, be aware that there is plenty of activities to make your trip amazing and unforgettable! We help you and invite you to pass through this short list of races to run as well as your Montréal running tour with us 😉  


Ready, set, go running across Québec and throughout the year:

In January,

  • Le Trail de la nuit Polaire, is one of the first nice races of the year in Québec and offers different distances, yoga and a lot of entertainment as it takes place at night, and in the heart of quebecer nature! If you are in Québec in January, it already is a sign that you don’t fear the cold, so let’s enjoy it! You just need some specific equipment. And for that, just follow our tips on Running in winter 😉
Crédit photo : Oivier Lachance
Picture: Oivier Lachance

In February,

  • La course souterraine de Montréal. Or The Montreal underground race. Yes, it is said that Montréal is two countries in one: summer and winter. We use as best as we can the resources we have to keep running and feeling good all year round even through our underground city!
  • Le demi-marathon hypothermique de Montréal. It took place in Montreal before. But it is now in Oka, 40 minutes away from Montréal by car. This race Cette course suddenly turned into 1) an Oka 2) trail running hypothermic half-marathon. A big change roughly communicated. We hope that organizers, who made it a good event on D-day take more precautions for their next pre-race communications to attendants.

In March,

  • Le défi de la Diable, winter triathlon in march is a perfect discovery race! Running, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in a winter atmosphere and beautiful surroundings, would you be down for it?

In April,

  • Le Tour de l’horloge, course thématique, happens in Montréal Old-Port which is one of our running tour. But if you choose this race, you also can discover the Mont-Royal historically with us 😉 One of the good points of this race is that the medal is really beautiful! 🙂


  • Le 21k de Montréal Banque Scotia. Generally considered as the first race of the season, it opens the official running races series and the organisation also offers a 5 and a 10km. It is part of the Canadians Running Series.

In May,

  • La course Changer le monde d’Équiterre, or in English “The Change the world Race” intend to be and is a “zero waste” race, with a nice environmental purpose. They s’affaire à être une course “zéro-déchet”. No more plastic or even cardboard glasses or individual package for energy bars offered! We just think that it should be the usual behaviour so we totally approve this event which also allow to raise funds to accelerate the society transition!
  • Courir pour les zèbres or “Run for zebras” if we translate, is a virtual race for a good cause! Running this virtual race is contributing for research about one of the 7000 rare diseases which concern 1 birth on 14000!

In June,

  • La descente royaleJoin the 2000 runners for this popular race in Québec city! It’s easy, all the way is going downhill!
  • Le triathlon de Québec, really close to La descente royale, a triathlon can be a really good reason to come to visit the Province for a triathlete. Are you one of them?
  • Le défi forestier is a funny 6km obstacles race and other distances, … Sport and fun are guarantee! As all the races seems to be concentrate in beginning of June, you,ll have to choose! Have a good one! 😀

In July,

  • Le Trimemphré, is the discovery race of the nice region of the Memphremagog lake. Triathlon for 3 times more fun and pleasure, will you be there in July?

In August,

  • L’Ironman de Mont-Tremblant, Sorry, another triathlon. But which triathlete didn’t travelled around the world to participate to a race? The Mont-Tremblant Ironman is a well renowned in Quebec and Canada because of its natural surroundings and triathlete from all around the world come to attend it. Last year we welcome Mike from Chicago who did it and enjoy to have his Montreal running tour with us. 😉 And you?

Photo :

  • Le demi-marathon Bonneville de Lachine. Several distances are available and not anywhere! Nothing less than alongside the St-Lawrence river and the historic site and entrance of the Lachine canal. We wish you a nice race and a pleasant moment with all the family!

In September,

  • Marathon Oasis Rock’n’roll de Montréal, is the urban marathon with different distances. The organisation owner has changed last year and it is still in transition, we hope for the better even if the course map has been modified and is not really ideal and beautiful for now.

In October,

  • Le Zombie course. This small race is perfect to be and feel in a real Halloween atmosphere, mix of fear and fun! It also is a nice occasion to discover a big familial park off the beaten path! Tourist you won’t be surrounded by other tourists here!

In November,

  • La course Trans-Montréal. That is a nice and new race crossing the Montreal Island from West to East – which recall the Canadian motto “From coast to coast.” but here are 60km. The ideal race to start dealing with ultra-marathon passing alongside the river and throughout the mountain… In 2019, the organisation add other distances.


All the season round, from April to October, les courses MEC, Mountain Equipment Coop races are excellent events and get together of the runners communities in which to enter even just for one race to get off the beaten path. Bonus! It is a nice mix of road and trail running.


Do you want more?

Find out all the races you want to attend here or here and come to see us on your way! 🙂

Have fun and nice races!


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