Montreal’s museums Top 3

For the Montreal’s Museums day (end of May generally), too warm days in summer or too cold days in winter, it is always a good time to discover a city deeply, with its museums.  Here is our TOP 3 of the museums you want to visit!


While many museums are very rich and interesting, the ones we chose for you can sometimes be distinguished by their extraordinary temporary collections and will stay very actual at any time of the year and reachable by… running! 😉

museepointeacalliereLet’s start at the beginning… the Pointe-à-Callière Museum. Designated a national archaeological and historic site in 1998, it is the largest history museum in Montreal with its 7 pavilions and structures. It was built in 1992 (for the 350th anniversary of Montreal) after and because of important archaeological discoveries made in Old Montréal in the eighties : directly built on the very spot where Montréal was founded. We told you : this one is mandatory for all visitors even new inhabitants of the city! Is also well located at the departure for a running tour! 🙂


Not so far from here, to complete your History knowledge and after a nice break on the Old-Port, the Centre d’Histoire de Montréal represent the history of the city but most of all, histories of its inhabitants and their lifestyles. This was a project born in the eighties and located in… an old fireplace built in 1904, from which it remains only the facades but with a remarquable architecture on Place d’Youville. We love spending in this place, in theses times.

In 2019, the Centre d’Histoire de Montréal, which we invite you to follow on facebook because they feed it so well, will become the MEM for Montrealers Memories (in French) and it also will move to the Quartier des Spectacles! Stay tuned!


TOP 3! We move away, we goes up… We take the direction towards the Mount-Royal but we stop near the McGill University, at the McCord Museum! This one is, in our opinion, the Montréal museum which transcribes the better the heart and soul of the city: carrying an actual and modern look on societal challenges of the city. It’s not only in the past but a vision where present is part of History. Through its exhibitions, we discover artists and/or works from various fields (Photographs, press, fashion, …) who have made or make of Montréal, a city open to the world and with international reach. 


If you don’t have the chance to be in Montreal in the end of May to enjoy free entries, there are other options for you all year-round, and winter is a great time to enjoy our museums. For more information, this is your reference website:

Enjoy !


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