My addiction, Casey Neistat

The famous vlogger Casey Neistat commended running. “Don’t run because you have to, run because you can.”

Casey Neistat don’t speak this time. He only edited a video with pieces of texts, sentences and quotes. He refers about main reasons we have to run: “for happiness, focus, fitness, fun,… We just add “for DISCOVERING” obviously! 🙂

Among all of this, there is a quote of Prefontaine. Prefontaine? It is a street, and a metro station, also a park in Montreal! A man too! So, did Monsieur Préfontaine run a lot? Actually no, because we don’t speak about the same Prefontaine. Casey Neistat mentions Steve Prefontaine, an inspiring American middle and long-distance runner who competed in the 1972 Olympics who died very young (24!) in an automobile accident.

But here in Montreal, we think about our Montrealer Préfontaine! Raymond Fournier-Préfontaine was a lawyer and mayor of the old city Hochelaga then of Montréal, from 1898 to 1902. Hochelaga has been the iroquoian village which has become Montreal and an independant city then linked to Montréal and finally a neighbourhood part of Montréal! It is a popular, working-class district which knows from the last recent years a gentrification phenomenon, mainly around Ontario Street, well-known as well as the “Promenade Ontario”. HOMA ? HOchelaga-MAisonneuve, the new -almost- trendy neighborhood… to explore! 😉

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