Running healthy in 4 tips to avoid injuries

We share our 4 not well kept secrets – but to repeat – to avoid getting hurt and keep fit all year long! Because even in Montreal, running is possible all year round! 😉


1. Regularity


There’s nothing better than getting your body used to the ground impact by running regularly. The bigger your goals (10km, half marathon, marathon, ultra, …), the more regularity must be… regular! Or frequent to be exact.

Going out 1h once a week is useless. In addition you would suffer, would not progress, and the mind would tumble with everything else.

Even for only 15 minutes, get out! And for 15 minutes, no excuses, we find them in a busy schedule 😉 The hard part is to convince yourself mentally but in the end, you will see, it pays!


2. High pace 

Crédit halfpointepictura /source

Crédit halfpointepictura /source

Small steps, small stride lenght, many steps will limit the time of impact of your body on the ground and its strength. And that is precious! Long strides give the impression of going faster but training for long strides quickly followed gives you wings!

If you have a watch that gives you your pace, check it out closely. A good rate is between 170 and 195 steps per minute (spm). You rarely should be above, or are you stomping in a queue? Let us know ! 🙂
If you are under 170, shorten your stride lenght. You may feel like you’re slowing down, but nothing stops you from doing these little ones faster than you’re doing. Also, it will help you to have a mid or forefoot attack, a considerable factor in reducing the risk of injury.

Come on, let’s get started!


3. Muscle building (and specific training for specific race)

Crédit inconnu / Source

Crédit inconnu / Source

Even if, like me, is not your favorite activity in running training, we quickly can realize that having strong stabilizing and propulsive muscles can make all the difference! It will be noticed especially on your performance but … Note that you will necessarily reduce the occurrence of your injuries too!

A muscle building adapted to your objectives is essential. For example, if you are a road runner and want to race on trails, be careful to strengthen your muscles and adapt your running technique to the field.

That’s how I had to deal with a tendinitis during a marathon training, after a trail run improvised…


4. Rest

Crédit inconnu / Source

Crédit inconnu / Source

Last essential element to reduce the risk of injury: REST! Our body is a great machine. But not when it is tired. Have you ever experienced a demanding workout combined with a busy schedule? If no, do it. You will see!

The rest covers 2 dimensions:
– Sleep, during but also out of training. In other words, the general hygiene of life.
– Rest times, included in training cycles or between training cycles or “annual rest”. Yes, we also have the right, to better enjoy and endure the periods of intense training, to have well relax times. These times in the year when we have no more envy and it’s OKAY … Because the body will quickly ask you running again! It’s not an abandonment or a disenchantment, not something to be alarmed about. 😉

Without the respect of rest time, your body, and your mind too, will end up at one time or another by stressing, getting tired and it will let you know! That’s where we get hurt. And it’s too late.


There could be a point 5, inspired by Mathieu Blanchard: consistency and balance! Do not get stressed because you eat a fat poutine or because you have a good night out with friends! The mind needs it too, so no extreme discipline, we are not in the army! 🙂

Enjoy your runs and your healthy lifestyle!




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