Shows to see for a real Montrealer summer: TOP 3!

It is not deliberately, but we came with a “Top 3” of the shows to see this summer in Montreal! There are beautiful shows, which is a sure way to end your holiday falling in love with the city and knowing its history better… There are perfect to complete your knowledge from your running tour with us! 😉 


Vice & Vertu by the Montrealer circus company, Les 7 doigts de la main.

This show is like an explosive cocktail we love to take on the morning before or after a running or any other activity. It’s fabulous like all others shows by The 7 fingers. Great humanity, good vibes, energy, you feel like part of the company and so all the poetry of the show come to seek your emotions deeply. Here, as on your running tours with us, you follow an itinerary through various scenes. You will visit brothels, run away from the vice squad, emburlesquate yourself … and party in Montreal’s 40’s! The role of women and gay community within society are more than mentioned, and a veritable hymn to Montreal as it has turned out today. Yet in love with the city? Be prepared, you could be moved! 😉

The entire show, consistent with the city, is quite bilingual. Beginnings in the first room can seems like a long time as it is not like a traditional show with seating positions and so you could not see everything as there are different scenes around the room. But artists go everywhere and could interact with you. You feel like part of the show, a real immersion in the 40’s, so put on your 1940s attire!

After the first part, public is divided to attend to other scenes. The scene in the digital vault of the SAT is… the nail of the show! It is here that you will have a 360° overview of Montreal with impressive acrobatics: circus at its best! For the outside scene, you could see that the virtual and the real merge!

But we won’t say more… Just go! … Don’t forget your disguise. Ticketing is here!

Duo Voûte numérique SAT - Crédit FMGuideMtl,

Duo in the digital vault of the SAT – Credit FMGuideMtl

Crédit : Mikael Theimer

Credit : Mikael Theimer













Aura, the luminous experience in the heart of the Basilica

Magic. A real storm of magic, an enchantment. The Basilica is transformed, you won’t see cult places the same way than before, however you saw them. 🙂

The show is in 2 parts. During the first one, you will have a non-ordinary tour with a path of lights, revealing Basilica’s wealth of exquisite works. Then, you will sit and enjoy the immersive and captivating show. Let yourself to be transported by AURA and discover an unexpected, stunning universe presented upon one of the most sublime canvases imaginable: the Notre-Dame Basilica.


Avudo, or Saint-Lawrence river enlighten!

Created for the Montreal 375th anniversary, this spectacular show pays tribute to the St. Lawrence River will come to life with enormous projections inspired the city’s history.

We loved the superimpose archive images, original documents, illustrations and 3D animations projected on rippling water walls and the 94 shipping containers settled for the show. We also loved the reuse of the Conveyor Tower. The latest is one of the last building with the Silo n°5 still existing icon of the Old-Port.

Montreal’s history is rich and richly act out in this 30 minutes show and it is until September 2nd! Tickets are rare online, but you can try to go on the spot an have your entrance. It is free so people could not come… and let you some place 😉

Have a nice show, have a beautiful Montreal’s history telling!

Avudo - Crédit : Dario Ayala, Agence QMI

Avudo – Crédit : Dario Ayala, Agence QMI

Avudo, Montréal - Crédit Dario Ayala, Agence QMI

Avudo, Montréal – Crédit Dario Ayala, Agence








For sure we came with a selection of 3 shows, but there is a plethora of shows in Montreal! Festivals, concerts, activities, … You should see or do something. Pretty sure you will miss time instead of shows and opportunities! Whatever there are, enjoy!

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